Vegetarian Wet Dog Food

Mixing Dry and Wet Vegetarian Dog Food

As far as I know Eukanuba don’t do vegatarian dog food, but I read a post about mixing dry and wet dog food. My Malinois never has a problem with the dry stuff…until that is…it’s time for his doggie medicine and I have to force pills down him.

Take a look at their post:

Vegetarian Dog Food

This post gave me the answer I needed. I started to mix my vegetarian dry food (I was using Yarrah’s Vegan Baobab Mix at the time) with a vegetarian wet food and the scary medication was suddenly not so scary.

I hid the Clindamycin in the wet veggie food and it went down well. I decided to go for the Lily’s Kitchen Veggie Feast because as as Amazon Prime member I needed something quickly. Lily’s Kitchen Veggie Feast is around £6/kg so I wasn’t keen on giving my Malinous JUST that, but mixing it seemed to go down excellently.

If you’re interested, Lily’s Kitchen does all sorts of dog food but this vegetarian one took my fancy as there are NO derivatives, fillers, artificial flavours or sweeteners.

You can buy a 6 pack here for around £14 when there’s an offer on.

NOTE: This is vegetarian dog food, NOT vegan dog food, and contains eggs and cottage cheese.

Add me on Instagram and let me know how it goes! I struggled in the early days to find proper vegetarian and vegan dog food so let’s share ideas on ethical pet food and I’ll see you veggies soon!

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