The 4 Ds of Dog Food

What Is In Commercial Dog Food?

‘Dead, Dying, Diseased, and Disabled’ Meat Present in Pet Food

My decision to go down a vegetarian dog food option come from many influences and opinions, but reading, listening, and watching about what goes into commercial dog food in particular had a high shock impact on me.

Dead, Dying, Diseased, and Disabled meat is commonplace in pet food for dogs. I won’t post the graphic video here, but having ‘Made in US’ or other seals of quality won’t necessarily help matters, as a California-based dog food rendering plant was found to be using meat from animals put down in veterinary surgeries in undercover video that can be found on YouTube.

That’s cannibalism.

This is why I’m passionately for knowing what goes into my pets’ food, and I use a mix of the below prepared and unprepared vegetarian dog food options,

V-dog Dog Food Traditional Flakes 15 Kgvegetarian dog food