DID YOU KNOW? One of the Oldest Dogs To Have Lived Was Raised on a Vegan Dog Food Diet!

Vegan Dog Diet Has Health Benefits and Saves Earth’s Resources

If you are vegetarian, if you are vegan, your dog can be a vegetarian dog or a vegan dog too. Meat protein starts with the consumption amino acids in plant-based food products, so skip out the middle man!

“…if you eat the right things and keep on exercising you can extend your life” Anne Heritage, owner of Bramble the Dog

As I mentioned in my ‘can a dog be vegetarian?’ blog, I spoke about how a vegetarian dog food diet can actually be healthier than dog food based on meat.

Bramble, one of the oldest dog to ever have lived, was brought up on a vegan diet, consisting of mainly red split lentils, rice, and textured vegetable protein, as revealed in an interview with V-Dog.

The owner of this incredible pup, Anne Heritage, has successfully raised a number of dogs to a ripe old age of around 20 on a vegan diet.

What came as a shock to me however, was that it was not health reasons that initially inspired Anne to her decision to raise vegan dogs.

Anne credits books such as Diet For a Small Planet with influencing her decision to not only go vegan, but be convinced in a vegan doggy food diet too.

“Plain and simple, our desire to feed ourselves and our dogs flesh foods is destroying the planet. It’s really become catastrophic and we need change. A plant-based diet for dogs saves a ton of valuable resources like water and land as compared to a meat-based diet.”

Anne’s incredible journey with her Vegan Dogs can be read HERE

Here ‘s my argument when it comes to a vegetarian dog diet based on the environment… The ecological footprint of bringing up a dog on meat is the same as a 4×4 car!
That’s a gas guzzling Range Rover Sport in your doggie dish. This is usually such a misunderstood part of feeding your dog, as most of the argument fall under the ‘do dogs need meat?’ and ‘can a dog be vegetarian?’ health-based questions I always hear.

Studies show that to produce 1 kilogram of beef, 160 times more land is required, and more than 10 times more water is required than for 1 kilogram of potatoes, grain or similar food staple.

You do the maths…



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