The 25 Year Old Vegan Dog (That’s 175 Dog Years!)

DID YOU KNOW? One of the Oldest Dogs To Have Lived Was Raised on a Vegan Dog Food Diet!

Vegan Dog Diet Has Health Benefits and Saves Earth’s Resources

If you are vegetarian, if you are vegan, your dog can be a vegetarian dog or a vegan dog too. Meat protein starts with the consumption amino acids in plant-based food products, so skip out the middle man!

“…if you eat the right things and keep on exercising you can extend your life” Anne Heritage, owner of Bramble the Dog

As I mentioned in my ‘can a dog be vegetarian?’ blog, I spoke about how a vegetarian dog food diet can actually be healthier than dog food based on meat.

Bramble, one of the oldest dog to ever have lived, was brought up on a vegan diet, consisting of mainly red split lentils, rice, and textured vegetable protein, as revealed in an interview with V-Dog.

The owner of this incredible pup, Anne Heritage, has successfully raised a number of dogs to a ripe old age of around 20 on a vegan diet.

What came as a shock to me however, was that it was not health reasons that initially inspired Anne to her decision to raise vegan dogs.

Anne credits books such as Diet For a Small Planet with influencing her decision to not only go vegan, but be convinced in a vegan doggy food diet too.

“Plain and simple, our desire to feed ourselves and our dogs flesh foods is destroying the planet. It’s really become catastrophic and we need change. A plant-based diet for dogs saves a ton of valuable resources like water and land as compared to a meat-based diet.”

Anne’s incredible journey with her Vegan Dogs can be read HERE

Here ‘s my argument when it comes to a vegetarian dog diet based on the environment… The ecological footprint of bringing up a dog on meat is the same as a 4×4 car!
That’s a gas guzzling Range Rover Sport in your doggie dish. This is usually such a misunderstood part of feeding your dog, as most of the argument fall under the ‘do dogs need meat?’ and ‘can a dog be vegetarian?’ health-based questions I always hear.

Studies show that to produce 1 kilogram of beef, 160 times more land is required, and more than 10 times more water is required than for 1 kilogram of potatoes, grain or similar food staple.

You do the maths…



Vegetarian Dog Food eBook Reviews

Books on Vegetarian Dog Food

I have spent the last 6 months rather obsessed with how to feed my Malinois on a vegetarian diet (both vegetarian dog food and the ethics of vegetarianism in dogs) and have read a lot around the subject.

I work in sales and my company has a lot of incentives with the carrot being £50 Amazon gift vouchers. I’ve therefore done my fair bit of research and will post the buying links for each book and give my honest opinion.

Simple Little Vegan Dog Book

I wasn’t sure whether to get this one as the customer avg review was around 3.5, but then I realised that some of the comments were from the ‘dogs are meat eaters‘ gang who also think that the world is still flat.

Overall, I really liked this book. There are plenty of illustrations, and I would recommend this book to those who aren’t expert cooks, as some of the detail is quite simple. You might also need to refer to Google to check the British equivalent of some of the Americanised terms here, but the results of the food were fantastic. I buy 100% pure peanut butter from and the peanut butter treats came out amazingly – I think my Malinois is an addict…


PRICE: £6.89 at time of purchase


Plant Based Recipes for Dogs

In my opinion, the best book out there, and the book that utterly convinced me that dogs should go veggie or vegan (or rather, we make that decision for them). Not only was the book itself just so eye-opening and educational, but the stories of the successes owners have had through switching to a plant-based diet is tear-jerkingly touching…see some of the review below and I’ll let them make your decision on whether to buy this book.

VEGGIE PUP RATING: ★★★★★ (Can I give this one 6 stars?)

PRICE: £9.99 softback (cheaper as an eBook)


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Vegan Dog Food: The Ultimate Guide To Your Dogs Health

I admit, I got this because it is cheap…

It’s not a bad eBook, but come on, EGG IS NOT VEGAN! *Sound of Palm on Forehead and a Rustle as I Shake My Head*

I’ll stop being mean now. I do like the message, it’s very passionate about the fact that a dog can live a life of content, and sometimes better, on a meat-free, vegan dog food diet.


PRICE: £1.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited (which my Mother has, hee hee)

BUY HERE (unless its free of course)

So to conclude girls and boys, there’s definitely some excellent materials out there on vegetarian dog food, vegan dog food, and overall healthy dog diet. If you buy one book today, buy Plant Based Recipes for Dogs

Vegetarian Wet Dog Food [TEST & REVIEW]

Vegetarian Wet Dog Food

Mixing Dry and Wet Vegetarian Dog Food

As far as I know Eukanuba don’t do vegatarian dog food, but I read a post about mixing dry and wet dog food. My Malinois never has a problem with the dry stuff…until that is…it’s time for his doggie medicine and I have to force pills down him.

Take a look at their post:

Vegetarian Dog Food

This post gave me the answer I needed. I started to mix my vegetarian dry food (I was using Yarrah’s Vegan Baobab Mix at the time) with a vegetarian wet food and the scary medication was suddenly not so scary.

I hid the Clindamycin in the wet veggie food and it went down well. I decided to go for the Lily’s Kitchen Veggie Feast because as as Amazon Prime member I needed something quickly. Lily’s Kitchen Veggie Feast is around £6/kg so I wasn’t keen on giving my Malinous JUST that, but mixing it seemed to go down excellently.

If you’re interested, Lily’s Kitchen does all sorts of dog food but this vegetarian one took my fancy as there are NO derivatives, fillers, artificial flavours or sweeteners.

You can buy a 6 pack here for around £14 when there’s an offer on.

NOTE: This is vegetarian dog food, NOT vegan dog food, and contains eggs and cottage cheese.

Add me on Instagram and let me know how it goes! I struggled in the early days to find proper vegetarian and vegan dog food so let’s share ideas on ethical pet food and I’ll see you veggies soon!

Vegetarian Dog Food

Vegetarian Dog – Can It Be Done?

Vegetarian Dog Food

The Lowdown

Can your pet dog be raised healthily on vegan or vegetarian pet food? On a completely meat-free diet?

Yes, yes it can – safely, and often more healthily than raising on tinned meat-based products.

Sorry did you want more information than that? Oh alright then…

In the 10,000 years since dogs have lived as life companions by our sides, things have changed a great deal. Just like how seals moved from the swamp to the sea, dogs’ genetic maps have completely changed since the days they wandered the terrain as wolves. Wolves still need meat, dogs no longer do. Why? Dogs have adapted at our side to create energy efficiently from plant based foods.

Look at the science.

Your husky may look like a Siberian wolf on the outside, but not on the inside. Since we domesticated dogs as our best friend, the gene Amy2B has shot up in dogs. Amy2B is crucial for Amylase production, and this gene is now 2800% more present in dogs than wolves.


“Dogs have adapted at our side to create energy efficiently from plant based foods”

Vegetarian Dog Food Products

What Products Are Our There?

The vegetarian and vegan pet food industry is due to explode now that sufficient research has been done to prove the health-benefits of raising your dog on a non-meat diet.

Take a look below at the Top-3 dry foods on the market you can buy now.

V-dog Dog Food Traditional Flakes 15 Kgvegetarian dog food

BUY HERE (£33 + Free Delivery at time of review)

V-Dog has been around since 1980 and remains an independent UK business. This is a no frills, 100% vegan, no additives, PETA-approved business with two main products – Traditional Flakes and Crunchy Nuggets. You can serve the food either dry or pre-soaked, but my Malinois loves the dry traditional flakes every time.

 Yarrah Dog Food Organic Vegetarian 10 Kg

BUY HERE (£53 + Free Delivery at time of review)

Yarrah was the first ever 100% organic pet food company, and its vegan pet food range is exceptional. “Better for your pet, better for animals” is the company’s tag-line, and they company is keen to share that it keeps not dogs or cats for food testing, nor has it ever worked with non-organic, non-free range produce.

Benevo Adult Original Vegetarian Dog Food, 15kg

BUY HERE (£50.99 + Free Shipping at time of review)

Benevo is a more recent ethical pet food company which has been doing business for over 10 years now. The company is owned by vegetarians and has no links to the meat industry or any slaughterhouses. Owners say that their dogs wolf down this product and the protein level is higher than other similar products.